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A Tale of Dumbfuckery

For the last 24 hours, I’ve been consumed with reading about James O’Keefe and the Veritas Project.

For those of you who’ve been wise enough to keep their heads in the sand, here’s what happened:

Washington Post ran a story where 4 women accused Alabamian Senate-hopeful Roy Moore of varying degrees of  sexual assault and pedophilia going back 40 years.

Moore, of course, denies it, painting the accusers in not so positive a light, despite the fact that the post article was very thoroughly investigated and sourced.

Cut through a few weeks of FOX News, Breitbart and the GOP making excuses, because hey now, is pedophilia really that bad? (Hint: It is); and this is where James O’Keefe comes in.

See, this asshole, runs something called Project Veritas, where he sends people into situations with recording equipment to get undercover footage, which he then cuts together, to paint a picture to whatever narrative he’s selling at the moment.

He’s the gem of a man who sold the lie to GOP that Planned Parenthood was selling fetus parts for  profit, which of course, has been debunked a hell of a lot.

So, what does O’Keefe do?

A ‘victim’ contacts the Washington Post a couple of weeks back and says they have new information about Roy Moore, that he impregnated her with a child when she was younger.

So what does the post do?

Their fucking job. They investigate the claims thoroughly, relentlessly. Because doing otherwise wouldn’t be journalism, it would be tabloid nonsense. Lo’ and behold, the story of this woman is not checking out, something is off.

They have her tailed, and guess where she parks her car?

At Project Veritas HQ, where O’Keefe admits he planted this ‘investigative journalist’ to prove that the Post is a liberal ‘fake news’ outfit and will run anything, as long as it’s a Republican who is the target.

Instead, what this moron proves, aside from the fact the reporters at the post do their jobs, and do it well, is that the allegations of Moore’s conduct are quite credible.

Oh, and of course it doesn’t end there.

The aforementioned moron, O’Keefe, cuts together a video showing the interaction between himself and WP reporters, showing him grilling them for their behavior. And of course, a few minutes later, WP releases the full, unedited footage of the encounter, showing just how stupid this man is.

All of this, this tale, is my way of saying this:

You should subscribe to the Washington Post. You might not like what they say, but their staff demonstrate that Journalism isn’t dead, it’s just sometimes hard to see through the other shite.

-Because I Can.

Quote of the Day

“Journalism is what we need to make democracy work.”
-Walter Cronkite