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A Look at the Eleventh

It’s fairly amazing what one can accomplish when one is not travelling the continent to sell great big books of dick jokes (in alternate universe, that’s the name LICD should’ve had).

Halfway through the week, and though most of it has been spent prepping for Monday’s Kickstarter launch, I have also managed to-

  • Complete the 265 foot length of LEGO Train track that now runs around the front office of BFE, on a ledge about 7 feet in the air. Next step is to assemble the individual train stations along it’s path.
  • That is all.

And back to the Kickstarter for a moment, I teased it yesterday, but wanted to show you the full cover of Least I Could Do Volume 11: The Planet’s Fine-


Come back tomorrow for a look at #12.

-Because I Can..

Quote of the Day

“Trains, like time and tide, stop for no one.”
-Jules Verne