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9 Days Left

While I do look forward to the day where I can talk about something other than a Kickstarter, we’re not there yet, and I’s gotta do my job.

That said, we’ve got 9 days left in the Kickstarter, and if you’ve been holding off because you love making dramatic entrances, now would be a good time. A great time, even. The best of all times.

Seriously, just do it.

As always, folks, we need, and greatly appreciate your support.

(Except yours. I know where your money came from.)

(Just kidding, we’ll still take it.)

(#moneyismoney #whoamItojudgeorwhatever)

-Because I Can.
Quote of the Day


“Back the LICD Kickstarter, you unenlightened mother fucker”

-Mother Teresa