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The Politics of it All

With everything going on in my hometown province of Quebec lately, I’ve been spending far too much time thinking about politicians.

Not what they are, mind you, for that is too depressing a thought. But rather, what I wish they were. What I wish a single politician was.

I have to hope, that somewhere among the greed and faux moral superiority, lies a single individual, who sees the world as it is and makes it his career to make it a little better.

Someone who believes in equality, without reservation.

Surely, there is no one in Quebec who fits that bill, no one who stands irrevocably against the removal of human rights;

So I’m left to ask, does such a politican exist? Do you know of one?

Tell me in the comments, and tell me why.

And maybe, we can restore a little faith in humanity’s governing society together.

-Because I Can.

Quote of the Day

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”
– Plato

What else is there to talk about lately?

If I hear one more forecast about a polar vortex I may go mad. Winter temperatures are ‘nice day’, ‘cold’, ‘damn cold’ and ‘what were people thinking building cities here?’

And if folks aren’t buzzing over polar vortices they are talking about Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford or Justin Bieber being pulled over. Now you know I enjoy a good rant over public figures and celebrities behaving poorly but even I have limits. Like Narnia, winter without Christmas to look forward to is just a marathon of hanging on until the sun comes out. You’d think we’d all be used to winter by now. It’s not like a cold January should be surprising anyone anymore yet we (okay ME!) grumble and groan. Bears have the right of it. I’d sleep until April if I could.

So what is there to look forward to? Well two things come to mind at least.

Here at BFE we’re in full swing taking your submissions for the annual LICD Valentine’s Contest. You can enter here: /valentines/ to win a date with an LICD character of your choice. Please remember to fill out all fields. And while there’s no one thing you can do win, one thing that will definitely oust you from any chance of winning is a poor picture. If I can’t see your face I can’t draw you.

The other thing to look forward to is my weekly Ustream! Every Friday (like tonight) I’m live from 8pm ET till around midnight, drawing, chatting and doing my best to keep up with the conversation in the chat room. There’s a host of friendly regulars as well as the best dang moderators in the known universe standing at the ready with ban hammers to keep spam bots and capslockers away. So why not put your feet up, pour yourself a select beverage and maybe even grab a pencil to art along for the evening.

Click the link to see old videos or to join in when I’m broadcasting live!

Live streaming video by Ustream

The 10th Annual LICD Valentine’s Date Contest

Last year, was the first time in almost a decade that we missed one of our most loved traditions here at LICD;

And that my friends, is the Valentine’s Day Date Contest.

Indeed, we missed it last year for two reasons. The first, being the great server crash of ’13 and the second, for what I hope you’ll agree was good cause- the birth of the Sohmer twins. So yes, it was a rather hectic time and piling on a contest which would have messed up our buffer was not something I could do.

However, the little monkeys are almost a year old, and it’s time to put things on their proper path.


The 10th Annual LICD Valentine’s Date competition is now open.

For those of you unfamiliar with what I’m talking about, or perhaps you’ve only recently discovered LICD, here it is in brief. Valentine’s Day Date Contest is the chance for you to win a date with the LICD Character of your choice. I will then write a storyline featuring you, and Lar will draw you in his style.

To enter, simply head on over to this page and fill in all the information. Please note that all the fields must be filled in, and a picture uploaded. Everyone from everywhere is eligible. E-mails or any other form of communication are not accepted as entries and are deleted.

Have fun with it, be creative and both Lar and I are looking forward to going through ten thousand entries.

Contest closes February 7th, 2013.

Now, bombard me with nudity.

-Because I Can.

Quote of the Day

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.