Every Sunday we publish an oversized Beginnings comic featuring Rayne in his youth.

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Every Sunday we publish an oversized Beginnings comic featuring Rayne in his youth.

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Hippo Crissy

Hypocrisy is one of those things I hate with such an intense passion, that it sometimes surprises even me.

It’s no shock to learn that Hypocrisy and politics go together like peanut butter and more peanut butter (I do not care for jam). Even armed with that knowledge, the sheer amount of it in today’s climate is so thick that it’s almost tangible. Along with irony, I can almost touch the hypocrisy.

While I could write a thousand page blog post about the so-called ‘evangelicals’, I wanted to focus on something else.

For the past 2 years, we have been bombarded by conservative media article after article, talking head after talking head, about how groups like Black Lives Matter are anarchists, hate the rule of law, are against every police officer in blue.


Because they have the audacity to protest and speak out when black children, teens and adults are shot and killed by police, who then face no consequences for their actions.

According to conservative media, the police are above reproach, above accountability. To call out one officer, is to call out every officer. There are no ‘few bad apples’ you understand, anyone who puts on a badge to serve their city, state, country, is a hero.

Cut to today.

Today, the entirety of the republican party and their friends at FOX News, spend their hours raging against FBI Agents James Comey, Andrew Mccabe and others for ‘malfeasance’, for political bias, for acting in a treasonous way.

According to them, no one is above reproach, above accountability. They’re calling out one officer, not every officer. It’s not all the FBI, of course, it’s just a few bad apples.

Protecting innocent black children from being shot by police is not nearly as grave as protecting their President from breaking the law.

Hypocrisy and conservatism are becoming synonymous, and the voices trying to stop it are getting quieter.

-Because I Can.

Quote of the Day

“Hypocrisy is not a way of getting back to the moral high ground. Pretending you’re moral, saying you’re moral is not the same as acting morally.”
-Alan Dershowitz

A message from Unca Lar

Hey folks,

My wife and I support the Multiple Sclerosis Society through fundraising every year. My wife’s best friend (who is also godmother to daughter #1) has been living with this disease for nearly 40 years. She is an amazing high school drama teacher who touches her students lives with her creativity and discipline. In the years of our fundraising we’ve made other friends who are living with this disease or support others who do.

But no one can do this alone. Between crowdfunding and Kickstarting and Patreons there’s a huge competition for your time and money. Now, I don’t have a lot of skills but the ones I do have are part of the reason you are reading this comic. So here’s the pitch:

From now through April, I am drawing custom avatars with a different cartoon theme each month. For January that theme is Gravity Falls.

With a donation of $40 or more to our campaign I will draw your caricature/character then email you the files. A a high res png file (8″ square, 300 dpi) and a low res jpeg (for social media). You can print it, make shirts, use it on your website or business cards. Whatever. Just donate!

Go to and make your donation of $40 (or more!)

Send your donation confirmation along with a photo to me (

I will send you back the art.

Upcoming art themes are The Muppets (February), My Little Pony (March), Rick and Morty and Yellow Submarine (April). Collect the set!! Get a tax deductible receipt! Feel superior to your lesser non charity giving friends!


A Sea of Grey

Reading the news as often as I do, one thought continues to be brought to the forefront of my consciousness-

When did we lose the ability to compromise?

When did the world become black and white, where every decision is either right or it’s wrong, with no room left over to find common ground? Has the level of discourse fallen to such a state where you’re either 100% with us, or 100% against us?

A real democracy, a true democracy, thrives only when all voices get heard and acknowledged. When those voices come together, win a little, lose a little and meet somewhere in the middle, that’s consensus. That’s where everyone leaves the table feeling annoyed, disappointed yet also satisfied in doing their job.

The world where I live is filled with grey areas, where you’re never going to get everything you want. Because in order for you win so completely, someone else has to lose completely. And that just fosters more ill will, less conversation and even harder stances in the future.

Now of course there are things that cannot be compromised on, but I’d like to focus on what can be.

Yesterday, on the way to skating lessons, my 4-year old twins were sharing a bag of parsnip chips (yeah, my wife is mean). When they got to the bottom of the bag, they began arguing over who would have the last chip.

If I were to believe that the only way out of this was to give one child the chip, then the other would have been angry.

Instead, I stuck my hand to the back seat, and asked them each to give me a chip.

A few minutes later, one of them proudly declared that he was eating the last chip. Before his sister could get angry, I reminded them of the two chips I had. I gave one to each of them, and then counted down for both of them to take a bite.

Neither of them was happy they couldn’t claim victory, but neither were they angry. They were satisfied with the resolution.

Compromise, folks, we need to bring that back.

…and in the interest of full disclosure, of course I took a few chips for myself while they were arguing.

-Because I Can.

Quote of the Day

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”
-Winston Churchill