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Custom avatar for charity!

Thank you to everyone who continues to donate to this year’s MS Walk for a Cure! Due to the support and popularity of it, I am leaving the Powerpuff avatar available right through till May 1st to help us reach our goal this year of $8000. For a donation of $50 or more you can claim a custom Powerpuff avatar (see the graphic below for details). Of course, all donations can receive the printable pdf of my Star Wars/Animaniacs as well. The donation site even accepts Paypal! Please donate today:


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Townsville Twitch!

This week’s PowerPuff incentive was a great success but now I’ve got a ton of avatars to draw! I hope you’ll tune in from 8pm ET till midnight to watch me draw as many as I can! In fact during tonight’s Twitch if you wish to get one yourself just donate a minimum of $50 to the annual MS Walk for a Cure, send me your pledge confirmation and a selfie and I’ll add you to my list!

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Watch live video from UncaLar on

Get a PowerPuff avatar for charity!

 GET A CUSTOM POWERPUFF AVATAR FROM LAR! (Offer good until 9PM PST April 13th 2016)

Read the graphic then click here for the link to donate! Paypal is also accepted!

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1) Donate A MINIMUM OF $50 here:

2) Email your pledge and a selfie to
PLEASE DO THIS TOGETHER IN ONE EMAIL and do it right away. It helps me stay organized. Do not be precious about the selfie. I’m turning you into a cartoon after all. Just make it a clear, complete headshot. No fancy angles or cropping.

3) I will reply with a high res PowerPuff caricature (& the printable pdf of “Helloooo Force!”)

Emails after the deadline are subject to my ignoring them.